Aerogeneratori mini eolici 20-60 kW 100% Made in Italy

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Disponiamo di un servizio tecnico altamente specializzato e possiamo fornire un servizio di assistenza a 360°, sia sulle turbine serie Libellula, sia su molti altri aerogeneratori – nuovi e ricondizionati - presenti sul mercato.


The Italian small wind turbine - Patented En61400-1 certified

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Aria srl – Italian Wind Power

Since 2008 Aria is one of the main European manufacturers of small-medium wind turbines. Our wind turbines are 100 % Made in Italy, robust and simple. They have been designed and developed on the basis of a well-tested technology that has been implemented in hundreds of installations operating throughout northern Europe. Patented and certified, Libellula 55 kW and Libellula 60 kW will help to reduce your energy costs and to create income from your wind power.

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Libellula 20kW

Libellula 20 kW is a small wind turbine designed to maximize efficiency in energy production, simplicity of installation, safety and reliability. It can be installed on grid or off-grid. The large rotor (17,4m) and the direct grid connection (no inverter losses) grant high performances even at low wind speeds.

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Libellula 60i

Libellula 60i is the best performing turbine amongst the Libellula series. Designed and manufactured according to EN 61400-1, this small wind turbine has a great cost-performance ratio and represents the best solution even in case of lower wind sites thanks to its high performing inverter and to the larger rotor.

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Libellula 55+

Patented and EN 61400-1 certified, its production curve has been measured and verified on field. This small wind turbine is our best selling model amongst the Libellula series. It has been installed in many units over the years, accumulating over 1.000.000,00 working hours and proving to robust and reliable.

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Libellula DC

Off-grid version of the Libellula wind turbines series, it is designed for stand-alone systems not connected to the electrical grid. Libellula DC is simple to install and maintain: it  can be equipped with accumulators for energy storage and integrated with other renewables and/or with diesel gen-sets for backup.

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Italian wind power: patented and certified

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