Libellula is the ideal solution for
  • distributed wind / behind the meter / installations
  • factories and business activities looking to cut their energy costs
  • farms looking to improve their revenues and reduce energy costs
  • islands and remote locations where electricity is poor, expensive and unreliable
  • rural electrification projects
Libellula is SIMPLE to install and maintain
  • installation with a single crane
  • industrial spare parts always available
  • tower with internal ladder
  • low maintenance costs
  • possibility to access the nacelle without crane or basket even in bad weather conditions
  • transportation on 1 single truck or container
Libellula is robust and reliable
  • first quality components
  • more than 7.310.000 working hours
  • patented
  • EN 61400-1 certified
  • power curve measured and verified

The Libellula wind turbine series is produced in Italy with high quality components and the best engineering standards. It has been developed from a well proven Dutch technology. It is designed to achieve minimum cost per kWh of produced energy granting the same reliability of big size wind turbines.
This result is obtained using industrial standard instead of custom components for all key electrical and mechanical parts. The 2 blade upwind rotor guarantees high energy production with very low rated wind speed thanks to its large diameter and to variable speed rotation. Unique in its size-class is the tower, equipped with internal ladder, that allows simple and safe maintenance from inside the nacelle – as in big size turbines – regardless to weather conditions. Transport costs can be cut down by the fact that the complete turbine can be loaded on a single standard truck, or will fit (with 24 m tower) in a standard 40’ container.

Libellula 20 kw

Libellula 20 kW is a simple and efficient small wind turbine, designed to maximize efficiency in energy production. It is equipped with a large 2 bladed rotor which grant simplicity of installation and high performances even in less windy sites. Reliable and safe, Libellula 20kW is the ideal turbine for farms, small industries and communities.

Libellula 60i

Libellula 60i is the best performing turbine amongst the Libellula series. In this model the converter group has been replaced by a last generation inverter (Made in Italy). This feature improves the turbine’s power output up to 60 kW. Libellula 60i is today one of the small wind turbines in the market with the best cost-performance ratio.

Libellula 5okW

Libellula 50kW is a small wind turbine designed to maximize efficiency in energy production, simplicity of installation, safety and reliability.

Libellula 50kW can be installed on grid or off-grid. Its large rotor (19.4m) and its direct grid connection (no inverter) grant high performances even at low wind speeds.

Libellula 50kW is the ideal wind turbine for farms, small industries and communities. With an average wind speed of 6 m/s, it will produce nearly 150.000 kWh/year.

Libellula DC

Libellula DC is a special version of the Libellula wind turbines, designed in order to be used in stand-alone systems, not connected to the electrical network (off-grid). Mechanical and aerodynamic characteristics
are those of the standard on-grid models while the electrical control system is designed to be connected with an external battery bank. The wind turbine is able to charge the battery bank, for the electrical supply of isolated users and for the electrification of remote areas without grid availability. Libellula DC allows the composition of a small and simple stand-alone power station supplied by renewable energy sources and equipped with accumulators for energy storage. Stored energy will be available in case of lack of wind.

Libellula DC

SMS or Web based remote control

Control of the wind turbine is achieved by means of an industrial PLC equipped with a local display and with a remote control diagnostic system through a GSM modem. All of the operational parameters are constantly assessed by means of dedicated sensors: Speed and wind direction, rotor rotation speed, direction of nacelle and possible cable winding, irregular vibrations or oscillations, power supplied, temperature of control and conversion system. Each turbine is equipped with a Remote Control system. This allows users to check the turbine’s real time performance.
Aria provides two types of remote control: SMS BASED and WEB BASED.

Italian wind power: patented and certified