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ARIA S.R.L. was founded in 2008 as a result of years of steady cooperation between the founding partners:

- Solaris srl is owned by Mr. Lorenzo Partesotti and has been active in the field of large wind turbines since 1995, developing most of the large wind turbine farms of Central and Northern Italy. It has carried out over 40 anemometric campaigns and has actively cooperated with Universities and the Region of Tuscany in writing the Regional Energy Plan.

- Manuele Morelli is the senior engineer who has directed engineering firms for over 10 years and is an expert in medium and small size wind power turbines, thanks to the skills he has acquired through the association with Dutch and German technical professionals and specialists.

Produzione impianti eolici

Libellula is produced at our factory in Prato. During this year, we will install a good number of turbines in areas that include North, Central and Southern Italy.

Aria’s commercial branch offers ‘turnkey’ services. With the avail of a well established and expanding commercial network, we are ready to meet the needs of our clients, starting from the preliminary design to the turbine’s final installation.

Due to the framework agreement signed with ENEL Green Power Spa (the largest power company in Italy), “Libellula 55 kW“ is also installed by ENELSì franchised firms.

The modern and competitive Libellula is the result of the technological development of turbines that have been very successful in Northern Europe. They have, in fact, provided excellent performance and outstanding reliability through years of operation.

Some of the existing mechanical and aerodynamic features that have proven to be effective and reliable for over a decade, on over 500 installed and currently active turbines, have been preserved.

Other parts, such as the control system and the supporting tower that is now equipped with an internal ladder for safe autonomous ascent to the nacelle, have been completely re-designed. Furthermore, this turbine’s groundbreaking feature is its electrical conversion system, which has been patented by Aria S.R.L.

Even though a medium-small power turbine, Libellula 55 kW is conceived with the most modern and sophisticated construction concepts that are closer to large power industrial turbines than to small turbines, generally less safe and with lower performance standards.


Particular attention is given to this product’s reliability which we warrant by selecting the best quality components that are exclusively manufactured in Italy and in Europe. Crucial parts like rotor blades, made of carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy, are produced in our factory in Prato.

It was important for us to design a simple product that would be easy to install. This is possible for its technical and logistic features, in addition to authorization procedures. In fact, the complete turbine can be loaded on a single standard truck, it is erected by a single crane and it requires a low voltage grid connection . These characteristics keep installation costs low and make the investment profitable even with low intensity winds.

Libellulas may be installed as one unit or in lots for wind farms, reaching production rates that range from 100.000 to 200.000 kWh per year, depending on wind conditions. They can form a significant income supplement for private owners, farming and vacation farm owners, small companies, and can be a new financial asset for municipal administrations.


contributes to the activity of Legambiente (League for the Environment – the most important no-profit national environmental organization) in promoting renewable energy sources.



Via del Mandorlo, 30 – 59100 PRATO (PO) ITALY
Phone: +39-0574 550493 Fax: +39-0574 577854
e-mail: produzione@aria-srl.it


Via Guarini, 90 – 57121 LIVORNO – ITALY
Phone: +39 0586 1862292/3 Fax + 39 0586 069869
e-mail: info@aria-srl.it

Settembre 2014

Anche quest'anno Aria srl sarà presente a KEY ENERGY 2014 - The platform for GREEN SOLUTIONS, che si svolgerà presso RIMINI FIERA dal 5 al 8 novembre 2014.
Vi aspettiamo nel Padiglione D7, Stand...

I nostri numeri

La produzione di Libellula 55 kW ha oggi raggiunto più di 60 impianti con 450.000 ore di funzionamento accumulate corrispondenti a oltre 50 anni di servizio.

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Aria s.r.l

Installazione aerogeneratori Aria srl è un’azienda giovane, nata dalla passione per il vento dei suoi fondatori. Produce e installa aerogeneratori di qualità interamente Made in Italy, come Libellula 55 kW, piccolo aerogeneratore color cielo dalle linee affusolate come le ali delle libellule.. Continua a leggere ›

Aria Libellula 55 kW

Impianti eolici E’ il fiore all’occhiello dell’attività di Aria s.r.l. Interamente prodotto in Italia, Libellula 55 è un aerogeneratore concepito all’insegna della semplicità e della solidità, le cui prestazioni sono state attestate dalla certificazione CEI EN 61400-1 e dai.. Leggi tutto ›


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