Established in 2008, Aria srl is the result of 20 years of experience in electronic and mechanical engineering. The Company has been created and is still managed by skilled professionals fond of wind in all its declinations.

We moved our first steps in the Northern European wind power sector. We have been working closely with the designers and the technicians of popular small to medium wind turbines.  This experience shaped our idea of wind turbine: small, simple, robust, reliable.

Today we are well established in the small wind power sector, with many turbines installed and working since years.

The Libellula series is made of high quality industrial turbines, for which we select the best components exclusively from Italian or European manufacturers. Even though a medium-small power turbine, the Libellula series is conceived with the most modern and sophisticated construction concepts that are closer to large power industrial turbines than to small turbines, generally less safe and with lower performance standards.

Italian wind power: patented and certified

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