The Libellula series obtained important awards which confirmed Aria’s efforts to produce a reliable high quality product.

EN 61400-1 certification

In 2011, ICIM SpA has awarded Libellula 55kW with EN 61400-1 certification.

During the certification process, ICIM verified the quality and thoroughness of the entire design such as the turbine’s structure, its mechanical parts and the electrical installation. At the same time it has assessed the conformity of the technical construction file and of all the required documents to market the turbine. Other tests have been carried out on site, directly examining the efficiency of the main control and protection systems even during critical functioning, such as grid voltage failure, emergency stop and excessive speed of rotor rotation.
A complex job that has required ICIM’s high level interdisciplinary knowledge which in turn reflects the complexity of Libellula’s design, a product that integrates the electric, electronic and mechanical features related to safety, functionality and resistance even in adverse weather conditions.


Power Curve Measured and Verified

In 2010 RSE SpA (Energy System Research Inc.) within a Program Agreement with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development started a measurement campaign on a Libellula wind plant installed in Tuscany. The campaign lasted 1 ½ years and during this time RSE measured the turbine’s power curve following the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard ( EN 61400-12-1 – EN 61400-2). The results of this study have proven that the measured power curve corresponds to the theoretical curve given by Aria.



Patent n.1393324: Libellula 55 converter system


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